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Michael Rumiancau: CEO & Founder, FriendlyData


"The future is high-tech, not tractors." Belarusian startup accepted into accelerator in Silicon Valley (RU)

18-hour working day and refusal to meet with friends. Hi-Tech entrepreneurs compare working for the uncle and the own business (RU)


Well-known entrepreneurs advise which books to read on business trips, on holidays... and even in the toilet (RU)


This NYC Startup Makes Communicating with Spreadsheets Easy.

Pro Business

"We are nerds, but it is loved in Silicon Valley". How Belarusian engineers study in a cool accelerator 500 Startups. (RU)


Landscape of Natural Language Processing

Startup of Belarusians FriendlyData teaches New York to "talk" to databases. (RU)


IT Belarus. Michael Rumiancau. (RU)

Look at Me

Why do Mars One participants choose the one-way ticket to Mars? Potential colonizers of the Red Planet on the objectives of their mission. (RU)

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